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The Little Mermaid

DSC_8856Artful Living Productions, Producer/Director Chris Solimene, and Musical Director Joel Spineti have produced another wonderful Disney classic for the 2016 summer theater season. Jenna Berloni stars as the unstoppable sea-bound Ariel in search of love on the land with her Prince Eric, played by Stephen Michelsson. Helping her find her way are the lovable and hilarious Sebastian, played by Eric Clinton, her love-struck friend Flounder, played by Dexter Newman and a cast of charming sea creatures and land dwellers. Looking to foil the plan is the devilish and delightful Ursula, played by Michelle Rocheford Johnston and her henchmen played by Devin Coon and Collin Weymouth.

This year marks the 10th season of Artful Living’s outstanding musical productions that bring the local arts community together on stage. From professional sets, and a live orchestra, to its stars, understudies and crew, Artful Living has ensures the rich tradition of arts is thriving in our community and interwoven in the fabric of our children’s culture.

Mary Poppins

poppinsArtful Living’s 2015 summer musical is “Mary Poppins,” one of the most popular Disney movies of all time.

Come experience the enchanting mixture of irresistible story and unforgettable tunes including “A Spoonful of Sugar,” “Chim Chim Cher-ee” “Step In Time” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” to name a few, plus new music. More than 100 adults and children from all over the state come together to dazzle audiences with magic and fun.

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

DSC_5168This is the story of an average day in the life of the famous comic strip child hero, Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts Gang. Experience those great moments – some will fill you with uproarious laughter, others will give you a lump in your throat, but all are guaranteed to please. Join Charlie Brown, Linus, Schroeder, Lucy, Patty, Snoopy and all your other favorite characters in this heartwarming musical comedy. After all, there’s a bit of Charlie Brown (and sometimes Lucy) in all of us, don’t you agree?


post-shrekMany thanks to all of the people who came together to present Artful Living’s smash hit SHREK! This contemporary American Classic offered our community more than an uproarious musical comedy. The story served as an important reminder that some traditional fairy tales we know from our childhood could use a new twist that makes them friendly to our modern audience. Our unique differences are exactly what bind us and help create the ‘happily ever after’ moments in our lives!

Hundreds of adults and children have been touched by the Artful Living experience and left with empowering memories that may last a lifetime and the awe-inspiring local talent has entertained thousands of CT residents and friends! We are grateful to have received 7 nominations with the 2013 BroadwayWorld CT Awards.


post-seussWe are proud to present SEUSSICAL, a fantastic, magical, musical extravaganza full of heart and imagination, based on the works of celebrated author, “Dr. Seuss.”
The powers of friendship, loyalty, family and community are challenged and emerge triumphant, in a story that will make you laugh and cry.

Adults and children LOVE this show which features all their favorite characters- The Cat in the Hat, Horton, the Whos, Mayzie, Gertrude, Sour Kangaroo,Wikershams and many more!

The Wizard of Oz

post-ozWe are proud to present THE WIZARD OF OZ Summer 2011. This will mark Artful Living’s fifth year for producing high quality musical theater and providing family friendly shows.

A full professional orchestra and state-of-the-art theater add to the overall excellence, but our real treasures are the many people who volunteer as actors, production team workers and creative artists who come together every year and dedicate their time and talents to the craft of fine musical theater.

The results are SPECTACULAR!

Annie !

post-annieIt seems an age ago – 1933, the year that America was in the midst of a Great Depression. Or does it? Annie is one of America’s Best-Loved Musicals of all time. It made its humble beginnings just across the river at Goodspeed Opera House.

What is its appeal? Is it the adorable orphans who sing and bang their buckets about hard knocks? Is it that mean Miss Hannigan we all love to hate? Or the kindness that Daddy Warbucks and Grace display to a needy child? Is it the faithfulness of that mangy pooch, Sandy, who finds his way to Annie? Of course, these things coupled with a truly good story and great music are all the reasons. However, I believe the single most resonant reason that Annie sings on in all our hearts is that it is a musical about hope! Hope for a fulfilling future as seen through the eyes of a child – and as seen through the eyes of watching children in our audience today!

Over 150 children, adults and families have worked tirelessly to present to you today our version of Annie. May you find hope in our story and may you find sunshine in all of your tomorrows!


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