Artful Living is truly the Community Theater experience. We strive to utilize the many gifts and talents from people of all ages who want to volunteer their time to create the best theater experience possible. The production process winds up giving back ten-fold in wonderful ways – new and lasting friendships, developing and honing creative talents, many laughs and good times – all while learning the craft of acting, singing, movement and theatrical production.

Artful Living has produced many family-friendly musicals that feature children, teens and adults. The synergy of working with a multi-generational cast is fantastic. When the lights go down and our professional orchestra tunes up, audiences from the entire CT area know Artful Living will deliver another smash hit!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do the auditions work? What do adults need to prepare?

Auditions are noted on our website and broken down with specific days for adults and children. Typically it is suggested that a section of a musical theatre piece (approximately 16 measures of music) be prepared. It is important to have a copy of piano accompaniment clearly marked ready to give to the pianist. Reading from the script may be required. If there are Call Backs, they are usually within a few days.

What do children need to prepare? How old should my child be?

Children, aged 8 and up are encouraged to audition. Exceptions for younger children are made, but with the stipulation that a parent/guardian will stay with the child(ren) and possibly be with the younger child in a scene that calls for a family. This is completely at the discretion of the Producer/Director as each show is very unique.

If your child is auditioning for a lead part, then an appropriate genre song should be prepared and accompaniment music should be provided for the piano player. However, for plays with large children ensembles, children may be asked to come in the audition room in groups in order to learn and sing a well-known tune or easy section of a song from the show.

What is the cost of being a part of the production?

There is NO fee associated with being a part of Artful Living’s Community Theater productions. With that being said, the organization requires the teamwork of all cast members to sell patron ads for our program and to sell tickets for our show dates. Producer, Christopher Solimene feels strongly that every community should have free theater options to families so that all children have opportunity to benefit from the cultural arts and its empowerment as means of personal expression.

What is the rehearsal schedule like?

Artful Living believes in the mantra to work hard and play hard. We organize our practices to be held between 6 pm – 9 pm on most Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. We do this to keep the Fri-Sun three-day weekend open to families. All information and communication is done via this website www.ArtfulLivingCT.com where you’ll find schedules, forms, cast needs etc. Rehearsals are called for only those actors needed for specific scenes. A lot of planning goes into respecting your time. Ensembles are typically called once a week and depending on the scenes, an actor may only come once or twice a week until we get closer to the production dates. Vacations are understandable in the summer, but we do expect a level of commitment. Announcing conflicts ahead of time is the best way for the production team to work around absences. It is expected that there will be no absences in the final two weeks.

Where are rehearsals held? Where is the show performed?

All rehearsals and performances for the Community Theater production will be held at the state-of-the-art facilities at Haddam Killingworth Middle School, located at 451 Route 81 Killingworth, CT 06419. All cast members must be mindful that we are paying to be guests in this space. Respect for the property and staying within designated areas is a must. Mutual respect and responsible commitment are “key” to the success of our productions.

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