Annie !

post-annieIt seems an age ago – 1933, the year that America was in the midst of a Great Depression. Or does it? Annie is one of America’s Best-Loved Musicals of all time. It made its humble beginnings just across the river at Goodspeed Opera House.

What is its appeal? Is it the adorable orphans who sing and bang their buckets about hard knocks? Is it that mean Miss Hannigan we all love to hate? Or the kindness that Daddy Warbucks and Grace display to a needy child? Is it the faithfulness of that mangy pooch, Sandy, who finds his way to Annie? Of course, these things coupled with a truly good story and great music are all the reasons. However, I believe the single most resonant reason that Annie sings on in all our hearts is that it is a musical about hope! Hope for a fulfilling future as seen through the eyes of a child – and as seen through the eyes of watching children in our audience today!

Over 150 children, adults and families have worked tirelessly to present to you today our version of Annie. May you find hope in our story and may you find sunshine in all of your tomorrows!

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